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Mission & Vision


  1. To work towards positive educational and social development in the country in this era of globalization.
  2. We also aim to promote socio-economic, health, education and culture through participatory approach targeting children, youth and women from both rural and urban segments.
  3. To empower women, youth and provide them vocational/ skill development trainings for sustainable livelihoods
  4. To empower its targeted individuals and communities towards their holistic development and to sustain it, through educational and motivational efforts.


  1. We aspire to achieve a value-oriented sustainable society based on social orientation, economic growth, local capacity building and empowerment of people for a radical social change.
  2. Our vision is the empowerment of youth through internationally comparable quality education, skill up gradation, and to mould them with better conduct and character committed to the societal needs and national development.
  3. Promote and ensure healthy society through identifying and incorporating community in-built resources with converged community efforts and with external supports
  4. To address all the issues which affect human and human related factors, in terms of education, health, income sources, social security, caste and communal disparities, environmental justice, legal support, etc.
  5. To seek partnership in community initiatives with downtrodden, neglected and vulnerable communities, esp. women and children to access their livelihood rights in terms of basic facilities, added income sources, child care, and health and environment assurances and to sustain the same
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