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About Us

Aryavarta Foundation was founded by Abhinav Jain on the principle of equal opportunities to all. Abhinav is a wildlife enthusiast who travels extensively through the Indian jungles . He finds great inspiration in the natural environment and his travels have given him an opportunity to interact with communities living on the fringes of the forests. Their strife, he says, has been his most humbling experience. He is inspired by the spirit of these people, especially their women who spend their lifetime struggling to get through life. It is his vision to bring health, nutrition and education to the impoverished, some of whom live a perilous life under constant threat from their natural environment.

Shikha Jain is the Executive Director at The Aryavarta Foundation. She started as a marketing professional who gave up her career in a news channel to work for the social sector. She has worked with a leading wildlife conservationist and has managed projects in states like West Bengal and Uttarakhand in India. She has worked closely with communities living or relocated from forest areas inhabited by tigers. She has worked on several developmental projects including construction of primary schools for children, medical centers, and vocational training centers work women. Shikha is passionate about working with children. She has spent the last few years speaking with school children in and around Delhi about wildlife conservation and environmental protection. Her dream is to make a well informed army of school- students who help make social justice, equal opportunity,  balanced development and preservation of natural habitat a priority with the central and all state governments. She works with children as young as two years and teaches yoga through storytelling. Her stories are based on the animals she has met in the dense forests of India.


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