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Yuva Chetna Sangthan vision, mission and goals can be accomplished only through mutual collaboration, collective efforts and diligence for growth and progress of society. This is possible through the concept of mass-volunteering where every individual can pitch in some of their precious time, energy and efforts for such causes, ensuring an empowered, healthy and responsible future generation.

It might not sound very promising in the beginning but we must be persistent in our efforts and be optimistic about significant outcomes that we may reap. Volunteering work for any chosen cause can be done with two approaches: at individual level or with a group of like-minded people. The latter one is sure to bring more ideas, results, satisfaction and a deep collective fulfillment.


Yuva Chetna Sangthan not only engages these volunteers in social work but also focuses on sensitizing them towards the current social issues and its working methodology

Volunteers can help us by:

  • Teaching children, women and youths from rural and urban areas
  • Providing vocational training based on their interests and areas of expertise such as dance, arts, Computers, English speaking
  • Conducting workshops on soft-skills, personality development and career counseling
  • Providing suggestions and feedback for improvisation of the process based on their experience and perspectives.
  • Increasing awareness among the people regarding the working and the vision
  • Conducting surveys and research work
  • Helping in the day-to-day tasks of our organization such as writing mails, updating website, providing technical support etc.
  • Helping us in fund-raising

Therefore, we seek your contributions and request you to come forward with your creative perspectives, suggestions and feedbacks that will prove beneficial to us in achieving our vision.

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