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Health and Awareness through Yoga

Our children today are exposed to a lot of stress. Yoga practice has shown to help curb hyper activity amongst children and brighten up the attention deficit ones. Children today crave movement and sensory motor stimuli that can help them balance out their inner energy and demands from the outside.

We have been conducting a specially designed module called On a Yoga Safari to help our young ones develop better body awareness, practice self-control, enhance flexibility and improve coordination. Long- term benefits of yoga can be seen in better posture, lung capacity and self- confidence in children who get exposed to the practice early on in life. We try and make this interesting for the children through storytelling combined with yoga. Children look forward to different stories safari about jungles, mystery islands, parks and zoos. Here they meet some very interesting animals, some as threatened as the Dugong and the Koala, thereby slowly bringing awareness and consciousness about nature and conservation to these little minds. Several Yoga camps have been conducted at our centre at New Delhi as also at outdoor locations in Delhi.

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