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We believe that it is time to raise responsible children for a safe and secure future and that can be done  if there is a balanced and sustained development in the country.  School children in cities can and should be involved through mainstream education and parental guidance to help them form informed opinion on vital issues. This cannot be achieved without first hand exposure to the rural environment. We encourage parents to plan visits to our project sites with their children to engage with people with different backgrounds.  


Identification of core Issues and suggestions

I. Gender inequality in rural India

We understand that women have a great role to play in the emancipation of women in India. If the older women in the community allow girls to be 'invisible' in a family's decision making these girls will never be able to raise healthy, educated children of their own as mothers.

Aryavarta foundation hopes to address the following issues at its project sites.

  • Gender preference and Female Infanticide
  • Lack of educational facilities for women- both primary and higher level
  • Female hygiene and sexual health
  • Child marriage and early pregnancies, reducing maternal and child morbidity and mortality
  • Birth control, sex education, prevention of early pregnancies, urinary infections and Sexually Transmitted Diseases amongst girls
  • Contribution of women to the family income through vocational training initiated through self- help groups and samitis.
  • Use of local skills, crafts and knowledge to help women contribute to their family income.
  • Education of girls at primary and secondary level. Building of bathrooms in schools for girls to address any inhibitions or pre- conceived barriers in families not allowing girls to school
  • Scholarships to deserving and needy students from different project sites

II. Gender inequality in urban India

  • Female infanticide
  • Gender equality- sensitization and early orientation in schools at a primary and secondary level(teacher aided)
  • Self- defense training to girls in schools and neighborhoods by certified female trainers, so that they can live freely, without fear
  • Right to respect from male co- students in schools and colleges
  • Right to respect from male family members
  • Female hygiene and health
  • Training of women in self- defense
  • Making the work environment safer by setting up women's support cells in corporate hotspots near New Delhi

III. Some of the projects Aryavarta Foundation hopes to support are as follows

Project site: New Delhi

  • Production of bio- degradable sanitary napkins in a sanitized facility. To contact Jayashree Industries for training and machinery. We are looking for grants to fund this project.
  • Gender sensitization in various schools in Delhi, involving gender discourse, self defense training to girls and giving them basic information about the legal rights and privileges of women in India. Professionals from legal, health and fitness to be invited by schools for interaction with students.
  • Inclusion of social work and support to the underprivileged in school curriculum. Aryavarta Foundation may facilitate exchange programmes between their rural and city based project participants.

Out of Delhi Projects

  • Workshop on female health and hygiene at Bali, The Sundarbans, West Bengal with help from a visiting gynecologist.
  • Construction of a vocational training centre and a bathroom for school students at the Asit Baran High School for girls at Bali, The Sundarbans, West Bengal
  • Training of women from self- help groups at various sites at the Aarohi Foundation's Health Programme in child- birth and women's health
  • Construction of health centers with basic first aid support and nursing homes with full medical facilities at several rural sites.

We take inspiration from a simple line- "Investing in Girls and women is not just the right thing to do, its also the smart thing." Jill Sheffield, Founder, The Grirl Tree Project

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