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  • Welcome to Aryavarta Foundation

  • Welcome to Aryavarta Foundation

  •Welcome to Aryavarta Foundation

Aryavarta Foundation was founded in 2010 with the vision of helping rural and urban women to lead a more self-dependent existence. Our long term objective is to address various issues related to Women and Child including Health Care, Education, Safety, Livelihood and Development. We also hope to engage with communities who live in extremely backward areas, to help them reduce poverty and live in harmony with their natural environment. At the same time we strive to bring knowledge and support from the more privileged to those who live in abject poverty. Women, especially girls between age 5 and 16 are at the lowest rung of the social structure in rural India and we hope that we are able to bring them basic amenities for a healthy and more respectable life. It is imperative that to help them as women we must catch them as girls . If they start out in poverty, remain in poverty, they are most likely to end in poverty. While we make health, nutrition and hygiene a habit amongst little girls, we also hope to target mothers through social groups led by educated and experienced women from within the community. We hope this generates the long term effect of empowering women with right and knowledge to make informed decisions for their family.


  •   Improve the quality, equity, accountability and pertinence of education
  •   Implement and monitor high standards in teaching and learning outcomes
  •   Empowerment through education
  •   Better job opportunities for rural youths
  •   Change parents’ views on education and their concepts about their children’s future schooling
  •   Education for All






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